The Training Program of KSETA


KSETA offers a rich program of lectures, block courses, workshops and external schools in order to augment the "on the spot" training. It is designed to be highly attractive, varied and interdisciplinary and follows the motto DEEPER – BROADER – BETTER:

  • DEEPER is pointing towards the scientific specialization that our doctoral researchers will acquire. The depth of studies to be offered will be unprecedented because of the unique expertise that is either available already or that can be acquired with the help of the School.
  • BROADER addresses the wider professional education of our doctoral researchers outside their specialization area. The training under this heading provides basic useful knowledge in a wide range of professional topics.
  • BETTER addresses key competences of our doctoral researchers beyond their professional education. Training in this category comprises social, language, cultural, communication and management skills.

The program consists of a variety of academical training and it meets the strong interdisciplinarity of KSETA.
It is based on several pillars: