PhD Program



KCETA aims to attract the best doctoral researchers and the most inspiring and enthusiastic senior researchers and teachers. Membership in KSETA is inclusive: All doctoral researchers working on a KCETA scientific topic and meeting our academic standards can apply as Doctoral Fellows of the School.

Additionally, KSETA directly funds a limited number of PhD positions. These positions will be used primarily to establish the novel interdisciplinary connection between physics and technology within KSETA.


Supervision & Mentoring Concept

The supervision of a doctoral researcher is agreed on by a supervision agreement at the beginning of the PhD thesis. The professor has the main responsibility for the supervision of the doctoral candidate. In most cases next to the professor a postdoctoral fellow or tenured scientist is identified who follows the doctoral candidate in his/her everyday work and serves as a contact person for occurring problems. Frequent group meetings guarantee a close contact of the supervising professor and the doctoral researcher. Already at the early stage of the PhD we identify the second referee of the thesis who serves as a further competent contact person during the whole doctoral thesis.

A mentor is also determined at the start of the thesis; His task is to make sure that the PhD thesis proceeds in the desired manner, he interacts in case of problems and can serve as a mediator in conflict situations.


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