Master Program

If you plan a PhD in elementary particle or astroparticle physics it is useful to combine certain lectures during your master studies at KIT. The following combination would be reasonable:


Example for a Master Program Particle Physics at KIT


Major in Physics: Experimental Particle Physics

  • Lecture Particle Physics I (8 ECTS, WS)
  • Lecture Particle Physics II – Higgs Physics (8 ECTS, SS)
  • Advanced Seminar: Experimental Methods in Particle Physics (4 ECTS)


Second Major in Physics: Experimental Astroparticle Physics

  • Lecture Astroparticle Physics I (8 ECTS, WS)
  • Lecture Introduction to Cosmology (6 ECTS, WS)


Minor in Physics: Theoretical Particle

  • Lecture Theoretical Particle Physics I (8 ECTS)


Non-Physics Elective: Distributed and Parallel Computing and Data Management

  • Lecture Distributed Computing (4 ECTS, WS)
  • Lecture Parallel Computer Systems and Parallel Programming (4 ECTS, SS)
  • Lecture Data and Storage Management (4 ECTS, WS)