Plenary Workshops

Every spring KSETA organizes plenary workshops in the quiet surrounding of the Black Forest which last several days and offer a platform for the exchange of information and ideas between PhD students and Principal Investigators.

Therefore all Fellows and Principal Investigators are cordially invited to participate in these workshops. The principal objective is to learn more about all research fields in KSETA and to strenghten cooperation and team building between the members.


Upcoming Workshops:

KSETA Plenar-Workshop 2022

The KSETA EB fixed the date for the next KSETA Plenary Workshop to March 14 – 16, 2022 and the Hotel in Durbach was booked again. But due to the ongoing difficult situation with corona regulations, it is not yet clear in what format the workshop will take place.

KSETA Plenar-Workshop 2021

Update: Due to the pandemic the June date to which the workshop was postponed also had to be canceled. The new date is September 27 – 29, 2021. We hope that the workshop can take place in person. Further information will be provided via email.


Previous Plenary Workshops:

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