Lectures Winter Semester 2019/20

Some of the lectures offered for master students can be credited as "deeper" courses. Please find the respective lectures below. You need a certificate of the lecturer in order to have the lecture included in your transcript.

Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
Titel Dozent Semester LVNr.
Prof. Dr. Ivan Peric WS 19/20 2312664
WS 19/20 2311615
Dr. Francesco Grilli
Prof. Dr. Mathias Noe
WS 19/20 2312687
WS 19/20 2312688

und Mitarbeiter
WS 19/20 2312679
Prof. Dr. Mathias Noe WS 19/20 2312681
Department of Informatics
title lecturer semester lv-no.
WS 19/20 24074
WS 19/20 2400031
WS 19/20 2400050